Photography by Anthony Bertolli

Since 2000, QSF has introduced over 100 new works to the string quartet literature. 


Our Mission

QSF is dedicated to introducing a fresh, vibrant body of string quartet literature––new works that expand the reaches of chamber music.

We are committed to excellence in our playing, and our material is inspired by cultures near and far. 

Our aim is to make the world a better place through music.

I got a kick out of hearing these talented musicians interpret my music in such an inventive way. It’s an honor for a composer to have his music revisited by a group such as Quartet San Francisco.
— Dave Brubeck, speaking about QSF's Grammy-nominated release, "QSF Plays Brubeck"

Quartet San Francisco’s performance brought in more young people than any other concert this summer! Their skill and passion pleased the seasoned chamber music audience and young audience alike.
— Elaine Lipton, Director, Cape Cod Chamber Music Festival